Remote Full Stack Web Developer (Web Components, PHP, Symfony 5.x, 11ty, SSG) at

Full Time
Remote Full Stack Web Developer (Web Components, PHP, Symfony 5.x, 11ty, SSG) at
  • QIMA
  • Hong Kong/California
  • POSTED Sep, 03
Job Description

Time zones: EST (UTC -5), CST (UTC -6), MST (UTC -7), PST (UTC -8), AKST (UTC -9), HST (UTC -10)

QIMA is looking to hire a passionate Full Stack Web Developer who is proficient in building static sites, web components, performant HTML/CSS, APIs and manages their work in an agile sprint cycle. We value developers who understand the goals of the team and bring solutions that are oriented with those goals.
You will be working as a core member of the Marketing Web Dev team to build and maintain the company’s new marketing website.
If you like producing quality work, enjoy autonomy in your day, having access to resources to learn and improve, then QIMA is a good fit for you.

Your daily responsibilities will be (in no particular order:)

  • Building templates with modern HTML, CSS and JS which are rendered in 11ty (a static site generation tool)
  • Write and maintain unit, e2e, and integration tests for your code
  • Writing and maintaining migration scripts to manage the content model inside of the CMS
  • Create and present solutions to problems such as: supporting 13+ languages across 10+ domains, managing multiple brands in the same code, designing automated integration and unit tests, building system to manage data reliably
  • Creating performant, tested, reusable web components using StencilJS
  • Debug problems with rendering, building, APIs, and databases
  • Documenting all your work by writing automated tests, inline docs, and in a document store
  • Own your work in an agile/scrum sprint cycle and utilize the team as a resource to move your work forward and complete it each sprint
  • Attend our weekly sprint meetings
  • Spend time learning about new technologies related to our static site generation stack, web components, CSS and more

Requirements and Skills (in no particular order)

  • Passionate about web development and you want to ship quality work
  • Experience building components preferably using StencilJS or using any modern framework like Vue, Angular, React, etc. and you understand immutable data, shadow DOM and pre-rendering
  • Have proven experience in building and maintaining large static sites with tools such as (preferably) 11ty/eleventy, Hugo, Jekyll, Gatsby
  • Proficient understanding of HTML5, modern CSS (and its limitations on specific platforms), and the DOM
  • Proficient in Typescript and vanilla Javascript and how to use those to work with the DOM and can build components, interfaces and tools without libraries like jQuery
  • A good understanding of MySQL
  • A strong understanding of PHP and how to build safe maintainable code
  • Experience building secure and scalable APIs with Symfony 5 or greater
  • Ability to organize your work, document your solutions, and share your knowledge with the team

Bonus Skills

  • Experience building static websites using Contentful
  • Experience with TailwindCSS
  • Experience building StencilJS components that are pre-rendered and hydrated client side
  • A good understanding of building automated tests for any area of our stack
  • Passionate about API and static site performance
  • Experience building and maintaining docker and containers

Role Type: Full-time
Annual Salary: $70,000 – $90,000 + Bonus
Perks: 401k, health insurance, home office budget, learning budget

How to Apply
Send your résumé (CV) to You can trigger this email by clicking the red “Apply for this position” button on this job posting.

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