Remote Senior Web-Frontend Developer at PXLP

Full Time
Remote Senior Web-Frontend Developer at PXLP
  • pxlp
  • San Diego
  • POSTED Sep, 17
Job Description

Time zones: EST (UTC -5), CST (UTC -6), MST (UTC -7), PST (UTC -8), AKST (UTC -9), HST (UTC -10), ART (UTC -3), UTC -4, UTC -4:30, UTC -3, UTC -2, SBT (UTC +11), GMT (UTC +0), CET (UTC +1), EET (UTC +2), MSK (UTC +3), AST (UTC -4), NST (UTC -3:30)

You are comfortable leading the build of a large interactive web project, using the latest technologies to produce top-tier digital solutions.
You set high standards for yourself for quality, performance, and maintainability while keeping scope, budget, and timeline in mind.
You are capable of leading a small development team, helping the team to hone their skills, and build a positive team culture – while embracing and supporting unique personalities.
You enjoy collaborating with the design teams to challenge ideas, fine-tune concepts and polish the experience.
You are seeking out projects that put millions of eyes on your work.

What makes PXLP different?

We are a web development studio that focuses on the front-end, partnering with forward-thinking brands and industry-leading agencies to bring stunning and radical concepts to life.

Our development team puts visuals first, collaboratively working with the creative teams to fine-tune experiences and build upon the provided designs. We don’t cut corners and work with our partners to ensure that we have the budget needed to provide the best possible outcome for the project.

What to expect

  • compelling website and digital product projects for well-known brands
  • motivated and experienced technical and project management team
  • projects builts on a modern, headless-only tech stack
  • remote-only culture with team members from Europe, USA and Canada
  • flat hierarchies and direct communication


  • minimum 5 years development experience
  • English level C1
  • work with a technical producer on architecture, scope, tech stack, timeline etc.
  • solid understanding of key web vitals
  • strong understanding of visual concepts
  • good knowledge of tools, frameworks and services
  • creative problem solving
  • experience with crafting animation-driven web experiences
  • languages / frameworks / technologies
    • React (NextJS)
    • SaSS
    • NodeJS
    • GSAP,  WebGL
    • Tailwind CSS
    • GraphQL


  • competitive salary
  • remote culture–work from anywhere
  • self-managed working hours
  • medical and dental benefits
  • paid holiday and time off
  • hardware provided–a Mac computer

Interview Process

  • you apply
  • call with Development Lead–30 minutes
  • coding challenge–prior reference may make this step obsolete
  • interview with 2 more leadership members–30 minutes
  • offer

This Job is NOT:

  • working in a large corporation with a rigid sprint system and Jira tickets.
  • reactively working on tasks that come in. We want everyone to participate in the development and direction of the company
  • adapting pre-made templates to the customer’s liking. We build one-of-a-kind web experiences from scratch, utilizing our own, carefully crafted boilerplates and tools.
  • working in a large team with strict hierarchies. We are a small, fast-moving team without layers of hierarchies.

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